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Navigating Network Automation with NetBox – The Operate Stage
Today we’ve finally arrived at the Operate stage of the network lifecycle. As I mentioned in the introduction blog the purpose of this series is to show how network automation supported by NetBox can be applied across the network lifecycle, following a workflow perspective. After kicking off the series with the Design stage, we then...
NetBox Labs and Kentik Team Up to Enhance Operational Efficiency with Integrated NetOps Workflows
May 23, 2024 – New York – NetBox Labs, the commercial stewards of the most popular network source of truth, NetBox,, today announced a technology partnership with Kentik, the leader in modern network observability. The partnership combines Kentik’s insights with NetBox’s authoritative context about the network, empowering networking teams to accelerate their network operations, reduce...
Announcing Private Preview of Diode, a New NetBox Ingestion Service
NetBox’s comprehensive and cohesive data model is a superpower for getting network documentation and automation right, but getting data into it accurately and efficiently can be challenging. We’ve heard this feedback from across our community, from new users just getting started as well as advanced longtime users, and decided earlier this year to make the...
NetBox Labs Partners with Stardust Systems to Deliver Multi-Vendor Network Observability with NetBox & SuzieQ
New partnership brings additional discovery, assurance and reconciliation options to NetBox Cloud, NetBox Enterprise and NetBox OSS users through the addition of NetBox Sync capabilities in SuzieQ Enterprise 2.8 Today we’re thrilled to announce our official partnership with Stardust Systems, long standing NetBox ecosystem champions, and creators of the well-known and widely adopted network observability...
Security and Convenience are Always in Focus in the NetBox Cloud Platform
With any application, getting the balance right between security and convenience is crucial. At NetBox Labs, we believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise in either area and this blog will explore some of the latest NetBox Cloud features that are designed to make the lives of the network team easier, whilst at the same...
NetBox Labs and Lightyear Partner to Ease Network Connectivity Management
Combination Adds Deep Network Connectivity Infrastructure and Vendor Management Capabilities for Customers Managing Complex Circuit Footprints in NetBox NetBox Labs, the company transforming network management and automation, and Lightyear, the Telecom Operating System that automates and optimizes sourcing and management of network connectivity services, today announce a partnership that combines Lightyear’s deep capabilities for procurement...
NetBox v4.0.2 Released
NetBox v4.0.2 is now available! Important: This release includes an important security fix for NetBox v4.0.0 and v4.0.1, and is a strongly recommended update for all users. More details will follow. Enhancements Bug Fixes
Revolutionizing NetSecOps: NetBox Event Streams and SIEM Integration
As networks become increasingly complex, the integration of networking and security operations under the umbrella of NetSecOps is not just beneficial—it’s essential. This integration, powered significantly by the capabilities of NetBox Event Streams integrated with SIEM tools like Splunk Enterprise and ElasticSearch, is setting a new standard for how networks are managed and secured. The...
Navigating Network Automation with NetBox – The Build and Deploy Stages
Today we’re focussing on the Build and Deploy stages of the network lifecycle. I had planned to make these separate blogs but in practice they are fairly enmeshed and I will be going a layer deeper on deployments in the Operate blog, so it made more sense to present them in one go. As I...
The 2024 NetBox Community Survey is Open!
I’m pleased to announce that the annual NetBox community survey is now open for responses, and we’ve added a new feature: prizes! Each year, we reach out to the entire NetBox user base with a short survey to learn more about who they are, how they use NetBox, and what they would most like to...
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