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5 Best Tools for Open-Source Network Automation
What is Network Automation? Network automation has become crucial in the rapidly evolving network management and development landscape. It aims to streamline network operations, improve efficiency, enhance reliability, and reduce the potential for human errors. Network automation involves software and tools to automate computer network configuration, management, and operation. It includes programming, scripting, and orchestration...
Navigating Network Automation with NetBox
We estimate that NetBox can be found in more than 10 thousand organizations worldwide, and we know that many of those organizations are successfully using NetBox to power their network automation initiatives. In this blog post you’ll learn about: The reasons to automate are everywhere Network automation is growing in popularity as networking teams seek...
NetBox Labs Achieves Full SOC 2 Type II Compliance
We’re thrilled to announce that NetBox Labs has successfully completed the SOC 2 Type II audit. Security is always in focus for us, and this marks a big milestone in our commitment to maintaining high standards of security and data protection. Today’s achievement builds on  the SOC 2 Type I compliance we achieved last year,...
NetBox Heroes: IP Fabric lifts the lid on network data and valuable plugins for NetBox users
If you’re familiar with the NetBox Heroes podcast series, you know we typically interview one guest per episode. But in the latest installment of NetBox Heroes, we did something a bit different. We had the pleasure of speaking with two network pros: Alex Gittings and Daren Fulwell from IP Fabric, a provider of network assurance...
Network Configuration Assurance With NetBox and Ansible
In a recent webinar we explored how to get started with Network Automation using NetBox and Ansible, and one of the tasks we automated was backing up network device configuration files. We then took that one step further and compared the running configuration file ie. the actual state of the device with the intended state...
NetBox Labs Announces Certified and Supported NetBox Plugins
A little less than five years ago, NetBox added support for custom plugins as a way to extend its core functionality. Developers responded by creating hundreds of NetBox plugins enabling use cases from ACLs to ZTP, and NetBox users enthusiastically adopted those capabilities. Plugins now occupy essential niches in the NetBox ecosystem, and users need...
NetBox Labs Announces Self-Managed NetBox Product With Expert Support and Enterprise Features
It’s been about two and a half years since the first announcement of NetBox Cloud, and about a year and a half since NetBox Cloud went GA. Today, we’re announcing another huge milestone in the evolution of NetBox Labs: NetBox Enterprise. This new product offers advanced features and expert support for NetBox for organizations that...
NetBox Labs Announces NetBox Enterprise: Enterprise-Grade, Fully Supported Self-Managed NetBox Offering
NetBox Enterprise Customers to Benefit from Advanced Features, 24/7 Support, and NetBox Assistance from the Commercial Stewards of Open Source NetBox New York, March 12, 2024 – NetBox Labs, the commercial steward of the leading network source of truth, NetBox, today announces the availability of NetBox Enterprise, a fully supported edition of NetBox for self-managed...
NetBox Labs Unveils Data and Workflow Integrations with ServiceNow to Enrich IT Service Management for Networking Teams
New ServiceNow integrations for NetBox Cloud enable seamless network management workflows and unlock the value of NetBox’s comprehensive network data model for enterprise-wide teams Today NetBox Labs advances its mission to help network engineers build and manage complex networks with the announcement of new NetBox integrations with ServiceNow, the world leader in IT Service Management...
How to Auto Provision Devices with NetBox and Cisco PnP Provision
Most administrators still integrate new network devices into the network with the help of the famous blue cable, i.e. console access. But for lazy administrators all manufacturers offer so-called Zero Touch Provision (ZTP) options, utilizing TFTP servers or the TR069 protocol. Cisco came up with the more modern solution called Cisco Plug-and-Play (Cisco PnP) protocol....
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